How Much Toilet Paper Do You REALLY Need?

How Much Toilet Paper Do You REALLY Need?

Worried that your real stash of toilet paper won’t last you through the weeks at home? 

Wondering just how ridiculous that lady with 20 packs of loo roll in her trolley was being?

There are now answers to both of these questions, thanks to London-based duo Ben Sassoon and Sam Harris and their How Much Toilet Paper?! Calculator.

You can customise their calculator to give accurate answers about your situation, from how many sheets there are per roll with your brand of toilet paper and how many people live in your household, right down to how many sheets per wipe and wipes per trip you generally use!

As a spoiler, the average user on their site has 500% more toilet paper than they need for the time period they specify. 

For many of you, it might offer some peace of mind!

Click the button below to visit their site and find out exactly:

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