Frequently Asked Questions

When you add your chosen downloads to cart, you will be able to set your own price. Set what you think is fair for the work we have done, or what you can manage at this time.

If that’s nothing, we understand. Some of us have lost our jobs to this upheaval, too, and if our games can brighten an uncertain time for anyone similarly impacted, we want you to have and enjoy them!

If you can pay, every bit of support will help us all pull through this together.

To print and assemble the board games, you will need an ordinary printer and A4 paper, a pair of scissors, and ideally some form of sellotape or glue. The games print well in colour or black and white.

Then raid a six-sided die from another board game, or use a digital alternative (see our blog for suggestions) to get things rolling!

Don’t have a printer? You can probably still play! From hand-drawn boards to virtual tabletops, there are ways to make it work. See the page of the specific game you’re interested in for more information.

Since you may be unable invite friends over, we’ve designed these games to be played with just a few people. The board games can be played with just two people, and the RPG can be run with just the Game Master and one player.

If you have a larger household, we believe these games should work with up to 6 players, although you’re welcome to try more if there are plenty of you at home! We hope these games can bring share-houses and families together offline in an otherwise isolating and digitally-saturated time.

No! If you can print from your mobile phone or tablet, you can set up the games that way.

Each game comes with all of its files in a .zip file. You can open these natively from iOS 11 (guide here) and with a third party app on Android (example here).

Inside the .zip file, everything is packaged as print-ready PDFs, or the occasional image file – all common and easy file types to work with on any phone!

Still have questions? Get in touch on our Contact Page or through our social media channels (buttons below) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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