Free Digital Ways to Roll Dice

Free Digital Ways to Roll Dice

Most people have a few six-sided dice kicking about at home, which is why all our games use them! You can’t print dice, but you can certainly steal a couple from the Monopoly box to play our games with.

But what if you don’t have any dice? Not to worry; there are plenty of ways to roll dice virtually, and most of them are free! Open up a web page, download an app, or even just use a search term, and you’ll be rolling in no time.

Take a look at our picks below to find the option that will work best for you:

Use a Website

There are plenty of sites out there that can randomly generate a number from 1-6, but the dice rolling tool over at is especially nice. Including a simple animation and a dice rolling sound, it’s the closest thing we’ve found on a web page to actually rolling a die. It works on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Simply visit the page and click (or tap) on the die to roll it!

Use Google Search

You can also simply type “roll dice” into Google Search, and it will bring up a dice rolling tool! It is set by default to roll one six-sided dice (1d6), which is exactly what you need for our games.

Use the search term whenever you like, or click the button below to try this out:

Use an Android App

There must be a bazillion apps for Android that offer dice rolling. Our recommendation is simply called “Dice” by 7pixels. It’s ad-free, it works offline (which can’t be said for the browser-based options above), and includes realistic 3D dice-rolling with an optional sound effect. It also keeps your phone or tablet screen on, so it’s a great option for leaving in the middle of the table while you play.

Don’t be put off by the specialist dice on the logo. The app begins with two regular dice, and you can long-press one of them to see the option to remove it. Then simply tap to roll your remaining die!

Use an iPhone App

There are also plenty of options on the Apple Store, including the sweet and simple, “Pair-O-Dice” app by Nancy Stahl. Despite the name, you can easily set this app to roll only one six-sided die from the home screen, making it easy to play using this app. 

With options like these around, it should be easy to get playing, even with no physical dice at home. Enjoy!

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